Monday, June 4, 2012

Randoms about the Spartan

This is the end of it I promise!

- I didn't realize how much I kneel, crouch, lean and rest on my elbows in one day. Everything hurts

- is it possible to have sorer muscles the second day? I swear I can barely move. I had to have Henry help me off the couch after dinner

- along with walking a marathon, completing a mini triathlon, running my first 5K and the dragonboat world championship in Toronto last year, finishing this race standing and bleeding and muddy and happy was one of my proudest moments ever

- you had to do 20 burpees (they called them dirty burpees for obvious reasons) at each obstacle you couldn't complete. I only had to do them three times. Once at a 10 foot wooden climbing wall (the bottom footholds had come off), once because I had one shot to hit a giant hay man with a spear and missed, and once because I couldn't get to the top of a mud smoothed rope. There were absolutely no knots, people. I did those burpees with no regrets

- I have quite a few scrapes, scratches and bumps. The worst is a bruise I got on my butt that's about the size of a tennis ball. It looked pretty bad yesterday and it looks completely awful right now

- on a regular day, on pavement, I can run 5K in about 34 minutes. Not that good, but not horrible. I was able to do this 5K "race" in 1:39:44. Honestly, it felt like 3 and a half hours. Oh, and I came in 2978th out of 3012. Woohoo, not last!

- now will somebody please help me out of the computer chair?


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