Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's 7am on Sunday morning and I can't get back to sleep. Doesn't that suck? My alarm clock went at 6:30 and while that by itself wouldn't keep me awake, a loud report from Scott's ummmm... sub-commander juuuuust as I was falling back asleep put the nail in it. The fact that the birds are loudly singing, there's light in the sky, it's an hour past my normal weekday wake up time and I started to mentally write this blog were the cherries, nuts and gooey toppings on my insomniac sundae. Ooh... wouldn't that make a cool band name? "Ladies and gentlemen would you welcome to the stage.... The Insomniac Sundaes!!!"  (*wild screaming applause*)

The house is super quiet right now (Except for those damned birds, my purring cat and the computer keys clicking. Why does the backspace key make a different sound than the letter keys? I'm just curious...) and I'm debating watching tv after I'm done here. That or clean up the kitchen. Well that was decided even before I finished typing up the sentence. As I used to say when I was 8... like as if.

Talking about tv, remember when stations used to go off the air? They'd play the national anthem at some time after midnight then run that horrible, obnoxious squeal with the graphic of the Indian (Native Canadian?) when channels were black and white and the colour bars when they went colour? Good times. Now when I turn that tv on I'll get some great old cartoon like Looney Tunes on the retro cartoon channel or a new(ish) episode of The Bachelor on the channel out of Israel. Better times.

The above statement makes me want to go channel surfing now before the kids wake up wanting to watch Yu-Gi-Oh or some such nonsense. I'm going to brush my teeth, make a tea and enjoy this quiet house for one more hour before they come bug me. Looks like being up this early can have a few advantages as well.

This is Karen Kaye signing off...


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