Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm one of *those*

Audrey and I went to the first showing of The Hunger Games on Friday at midnight. I want to throw my daughter under the bus here and blame her for this idiocy but she reminds me that it was my idea and I was the one who recommended that she read the book in the first place. Ingrate.

So I know you must be sick and tired of hearing about it already so I won't mention it except to say if you adored the book you'll like the movie, if you only liked the book then wait for the video but if you haven't read the book at all, you'll love it.

I so enjoy the movies. Once I went to one movie a week for an entire year. That was awesome and not only because it was before I had kids. Nowadays I don't get to the theatre as much as I'd like and I forget how much I love that little frisson of excitement once the lights go down. In fact, when it happened at The Hunger Games I was so excited and wired (keep in mind it was midnight and I wasn't even in bed) that I actually applauded. Which made the equally wired crowd clap as well until we all realized that it wasn't the movie starting but the 30 minutes of ads and trailers. At a flipping midnight showing. What a let-down. Moving on...

The other day Audrey asked what my favourite movie was. I hate that question and if you check back over the years of this blog, I may have different answers depending on my mood, the time of year or the current barometric pressure. There are movies I like to watch over and over like Deep Blue Sea or Ferris Bueller's Day Off but they're certainly not my favourites. Today. I love Sliding Doors but my favourite? Definitely top 10 but not my favourite favourite. Whatever. Why do I have to have a favourite movie anyway? Ask me about my favourite dish instead.

Um, wait... dessert or dinner? Soup or sandwich? Oh forget it.

kxx (Hang on... it's this. Almost always this. Usually.)

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