Saturday, March 17, 2012

I LOVE this weather!

It's not so much the temperature, it's the promise of even warmer temperatures. The snow is nearly gone and there's that poop smell in the air. Even I was lured outside by the unseasonable warmth and plotted my route to work by bike. It takes 30 minutes and it puts me in a quandary. Here's a math problem for you on this gorgeous day: If I run 5 times a week and paddle twice a week, will I waste away if I also bike an hour a day? (5x2x1x0=0 or something). Hang on, hang on... did I actually say waste away? Have you seen me lately? The only way I could waste away is if I actually watched what I ate while doing the above exercise. And frankly, there is little to no chance of that.

So it looks like "Operation Oh My Back" is a go. Or as most of you call it... "summer".


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