Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm just putting this out there...

You know this movie out now? The claptrap romance between 3 whales and Drew Barrymore? Here's the trailer if you missed it:

I'm irritated by the names of these whales. While I'm delighted by the fact that they went to my era (the prehistoric?) to find the names for these creatures, why did they go for "Fred", "Wilma" and "Bamm Bamm"? Everyone (at least everyone as old as me... did I mention at work today my young co-worker Jessica had no idea what I was referring to when I mentioned Liquid Paper? But I digress...)

Everyone knows that Bamm Bamm was Betty and Barney's kid and Not Fred and Wilma's. I'm just saying. It bugs me so much that this movie, which looks overwrought, overblown and overdramatic anyway, but I'll never watch it (even as a rainy day rental to see John Krasinski's pretty face) because of this unfortunate misstep. There. I feel better now. Please return to the gay old time you were having.


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