Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution time!

I don't really make them, but I thought I'd I'd try a few this year. I expect all but a few will fall by the wayside by the end of business tomorrow but that's always the fun part of resolution making too, isn't it?

  1. Someone close to me admitted to something that I vow this year to never let them forget. They will not take me for granted in 2012. Maybe that should be this person's resolution but it never hurts to help things along...
  2. I want to keep the house cleaner. No, it's not in a Hoarders state of affairs but if the huge dustbunnies behind the sideboard are any indication, it's time to actually move the furniture when I sweep.
  3. I want to love my body, not just tolerate it. I don't want to lose weight (that ship has sailed) but I want to love what I have going on. Some people's goal weight is my weight the way it is today. I need to remember that. I can run, paddle, swim, bike... who cares if I'm 30 pounds overweight and my stomach looks like the Michelin Man's when I sit down? My ultimate resolution? Don't sit down.
  4. Blog more often. I recently had a friend (Hi Lisa!) tell me that she missed my daily blogs. While I can't promise to write everyday (unless I get paid... come on deep pocketed, desperate publisher of my dreams), I will resolve to write at least 3 times a week.
  5. I'll try to call the kids names only when they deserve it. But it's so tempting to call them idiots when they're acting idiotic. I'll try to remember what Dr. Phil always says "you can't put kittens in the oven and call them biscuits". Wait... that was apropos of nothing. Whatever.
So I hope 2012 is wonderful for everyone. To be honest, the end of 2011 was pretty heartbreaking for me so I'm looking forward to a happy, optimistic new year. 

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