Monday, January 9, 2012

New York!

The Kayes went to New York City last week and we has such a good time. Okay, Audrey and I had such a good time... I think Scott and the boys were a little "meh" about the whole thing.

We decided to take the train so Scott wouldn't have to worry about icy roads and NY traffic. Good idea. Unfortunately the trip took 14 hours and by hour 8, all we wanted to do was be there already. I think that was somewhere between Montreal and Saratoga Springs or the horrible microwaved train burger and the time someone in a seat up ahead started clipping his talons. I'm not sure. Note to travellers: DO NOT CLIP YOUR FLIPPING NAILS IN PUBLIC. It's nasty.

Besides the shopping, walking around, the meeting a new/old friend, the highlights of the trip was the NBC tour, Statue Of Liberty Boat Tour and the Top Of The Rock view.

Since I started work this morning and the trip is rapidly becoming a distant memory, please enjoy what I'm going to call:

Our Trip To NYC By The Numbers (feel free to ask questions for illumination)

Number of children sickened by dodgy sausages: 1
Laughing fits: Countless. Most notable... Cirque De "Sofail" and you know that ad with the women getting on the motivational scales? We pissed ourselves trying to think of mean things it could say like "WTF" and "OMG"... I guess you had to be there.
Temper tantrums: 1 (but they let me cry it out and I was fine. Seriously, 0)
Shopping trips: At least 5 (keep in mind we were there only 2 full days)
Taxi rides: 3
Times stuck in traffic: 5 (trust me, it's possible)
Visits with family who live nearby: 0
Visits with a friend I've only ever known online: 1
Blocks walked: Easily hundreds
Average temperature: -8C with the wind chill (try going on a boat tour in that weather)
Number of times I felt like a kid in a candy store: Every minute I was in that city, including the time I was actually at a candy store at the back of FAO Schwarz

So, we had a wonderful time and we'll definitely do it again. Next time I think someplace hot. We were floating the idea of Cuba on the long (long!) train trip home and once that was mentioned, it was game over. Next year the Kayes are going to Cuba! I've got a year to save and work on the boys...

kxx (Please enjoy my favourite photo of the trip, taken by accident on the boat cruise... isn't it awesome when that happens?)

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