Saturday, January 21, 2012

The lineup for autographs forms on the left, please.

I got recognised at the grocery store yesterday. I was knocking on acorn squash with my knuckles, wondering how on earth you were supposed to tell whether or not they were ripe, when a woman got all up in my grill. I thought she was going to ask me to shift my cart or explain to me the fine nuances of mature gourds but she said:

"Excuse me but you look familiar."
Confused Me: Pardon?
My New Best Friend: You look like someone on tv. Were you and your family on a chicken commercial?
CM: Are you serious? Yes, we were. I can't believe you recognised me from that!
MNBF: Of course! You have a beautiful family and a great smile.
CM (I give her my number 8... the one that shows a few molars): Thank you so much!
Awkward pause as I wait for her to ask for my autograph or to take photo with me as I'm clearly her hero. Nothing happens and she just smiles weirdly at me.
CM: Okay, um, well, have a nice weekend!
I go back to rapping my melons and she wanders off.

I'd like to thank the Chicken Farmers of Canada for providing that weird and wonderful moment in my life. It was the first time a complete stranger has recognised me from the ad. Friends and family have seen it and commented, I get calls from acquaintances who I haven't seen in ages after it airs but never this. I have to admit it was pretty cool. And for those new friends and readers who have never seen the ad in question, I'll post it below. I still say that the smile at the end is more like the look I frequently have on my face when one of the many boys in this house "cuts one" but still, people tell me it's fine.


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