Sunday, November 28, 2010

So I was watching Star Wars today

for what seems like the 50th time. It was actually a marathon of all 6 movies. I love them like I love cake but I have a beef. I heard that Lucas has said that there were initially 9 movies in all with these 6 first and 3 more to come. I think he has abandoned his plan for the last 3 movies. I think this is a grave mistake. There can be so much more. There is a whole bunch of untapped potential in focussing the last 3 on Princess Leia. Think about this.

She is Luke's twin sister. If Luke is swimming with midi-chlorians, so must she be. I'd love to see a storyline where they focus on her childhood with the Organas on Alderaan. How maybe she noticed some mysterious things happening like the classroom bully suddenly choking in the lunchroom after menacing her for money.  Anyway, they could show her becoming a Jedi like her brother then dun dun DUN; get tempted by the dark side. We could see her being really cruel and power-hungry before her love for her brother and Han wins out. Or better yet, she could recant her evil ways on her deathbed only to become a cool ghost like Yoda, Vader and Obi Wan. This is gold, people. Why hasn't this stuff be explored in movies? Yes, I know there have been comics and cartoons about Leia but I want movies. That does it. I'm sending an email to Skywalker Ranch...


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