Thursday, November 25, 2010

My favourite song right now

I love my iPod so much. The mixes on it are so varied that sometimes I find it jarring to play the whole thing on a mix. I have to play certain playlists otherwise I'll get Mozart's Piano Concerto in D right next to Nookie by Limp Bizkit and it'll throw me right off. It's like the time I had a baby shower and Scott gave my phone book to my friend Paula. She invited every woman in that book and my party was horrifying. School friends mixed with work friends, church friends mingled with cottage friends (you know, the kind who indulged...) and then there were my family and in-laws. Holy shit. There is a photograph of me when I first walked into that room. Paula is pulling me in and the look on my face is equal parts shock, nausea, terror, fear, surprise and get-me-the-frick-outta-here. An actual photograph of the flight or flight reflex. I spent the next few hours trying to get everyone to enjoy themselves and at the same time not compare notes about me. It was awful.

What was I on about?

Oh yes... my favourite song right now. I say right now because I have two of all-time that aren't to be confused by this flash in the pan of today. In fact, I have it written in my will that they are to be played at my funeral. Want to know what they are? Of course you do.You Gotta Be by Des'ree and I'm Going Home from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Listen before you judge. It's beautiful.

Okay so my favourite song is a bouncy, happy, passive-aggressive hatefest. It gets stuck in my head all day and I don't care. I wake up hearing it and go to bed humming it. I've had it on repeat on my mp3 since August but I have to put on the clean, whitewashed version of it in my car when the kids are with me. How much do I love singing it to the old folks with their left tickers on in the fast lane? They even covered it on Glee (using the previously mentioned bland version). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Cee Lo Green.

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