Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here's a weird one: let's talk about keys.

Scott has borrowed my keys in the past. When he does he invariably rolls his eyes when I produce them. I have 2 keys on my chain. One for the car and one for the front door. But unfortunately the keys and everything all told are about 9 inches long and weigh 95 grams (I just weighed them). Besides the keys and fob, there's a pen, a whistle and a thingie that can pay for gas by waving it in front of the pump. Plus I have that doohickey that splits the lot up but who ever uses that?

**note that I had to turn the camera vertically to fit it all in**

Incidentally, these are Scott's keys (there's actually a house key in behind the car key):

I like lots of stuff on my keychain. I can always find them at the bottom of a humongous purse. I need the pen for writing emergencies (they could happen), the whistle for grievous bodily harm emergencies (it's Ottawa but, yes, it could happen), and how else am I to pay for gas? With a debit card? Cash? People, please. So what if I think there's something crawling on my leg while I'm driving as its comic length brushes my knee? I rarely swerve. Heh.

I was watching Dial M For Murder the other night. A pivotal plot point involves a key. Among other things, the husband hides a key under a stair carpet and banks on the wife not being able to recognise her own housekey. Seriously? That would never happen in this house. The giant lump under the step would kill me way before I noticed my own keys were switched. From a galloping horse. At night. While wearing a pirate's eyepatch.

So what do you have on your keychain?


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