Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hm... what do I blog about?

Here I am staring at a blank page. The good thing is that I'm writing a blog and not a novel where threads of a story have to be picked up and woven together, or a newspaper article where I'd be sweating because I'd have cashed my advance and bought some really sexy shoes but not have anything to give to my mean old publisher who is like J. Jonah Jameson and has a beef against me and threatens to uncover my secret identity thereby exposing my friends and family to danger from my arch-nemesis and... where was I?

Oh yes. A blog. I was saying that I could write anything and it can be a blog and why? Because I pressed the little orange "publish post" button below this box.. So let's go with a what am I doing now sort of thing. Currently I'm watching the AMAs on my PVR. Can I just say that it's pretty boring? And Katy Perry is pretty fun on the radio and cute on video but live she hurts my ears. I mean fingernails on a blackboard hurt. I feel like I need a cold compress on my head.

So I'm just going through the list of stuff I have packed on the machine. I just finished watching Glee's wedding episode (Okay, Sue needs to stay principal. Who's with me?), The Walking Dead (OMG, how fantastic is that show?), and some backed up Coronation Street episodes. Up next, Vampire Diaries or Drop Dead Diva... I'm not sure which.

What else? This computer is driving me absolutely nuts. It's a laptop and all the buttons are in stupid places. It takes me 15 seconds to find the delete button when  I need it and that's pretty often. Also, the down arrow button is missing. Christmas (or more accurately Boxing Day) can't come fast enough so we can get a new one on sale.

Oh hell, Pink just sang. Holy crap! She's pregnant and gave a better, more energetic performance than Miley Cyrus. And she's got some pipes. The old school dance moves and the guy from the Dan Band (YouTube them) cracked me up. Take that Katy Perry. If Pink comes to town I'm so going. It looks like she'd put on one hell of a show.

I'm so sorry guys. This blog was completely self involved and coming from me that's really saying something. My brain seems much more engaged on weekdays. Luckily there are only a few more weekend blogs before this daily thing is over. Then it's back to the insightful, thought provoking, heart wrenching stories you are used to from me. Har.


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