Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It is time.

Yup, time to start saving money and making plans. Time to break out my annual Christmas Wish List. This year, finally Louboutins come off the list and taking its place, making a stunning debut: an iPad. Please enjoy my list and feel free to pick anything. As I tell Scott every year, buying something off a list is still a surprise if you don't know which particular thing you are getting, am I right?

  1. The aforementioned iPad
  2. Bayshore gift certificate
  3. iTunes gift certificate
  4. Geeky tee (size women's large)
  5. Panini grill
  6. A dozen matching coffee mugs
  7. Buffy Season 7
  8. White Converse sneakers size 6.5
  9. Scribblish board game (for family night)
  10. Voyage of the Damned (Doctor Who DVD)
See? Not too bad... nothing too outrageous. I still want the Smart Car, though but I'd rather give a list of things I'm actually to get. Although I did get those gorgeous shoes eventually...

11. Smart Car

You never know. You listening Santa and his various earthly representatives?


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