Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We're rich!

Okay not really but to the casual outside observer, it may look as if we've come into some cash. Yup, the Kaye's have joined the "horsey set".

Unfortunately we haven't won the lotto, but just found out that the stables we've been biking by every summer is run by the city and offers classes for kids at city rates. Score! Audrey is beside herself right now and can't wait until 2 May when the class starts. Henry wanted to do it too but we had to say no because even at city rates it's still pretty expensive and we can't afford to put two kids in it. So see, not rich.

While I was registering Audrey, I also put all 3 kids in swimming lessons. Hopefully we'll get Steve, that hottie Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike instructor again. I haven't behaved like a desperate cougar in months. I'm getting rusty.

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