Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sssshhh! I've got no secrets

On Tuesday I took the bus to work. I forgot my book so I was forced to look at the people around me and read the bus adverts. I saw one for a call-in distress line that said something like: "Think of a secret you've never told anyone. Now look at the person beside you (thankfully I was sitting alone) and picture yourself telling them that secret." Not sure exactly what they were getting at but it did make me think. What secrets do I have?

It took me the whole bus ride to think of one. Then I realised I told that one to the girls at work. I thought of another. Then I realised that Scott already knows that one. You can see where this is going, right? Between my husband, my co-workers at a job where we hardly do anything but talk, my 3 bulletin board communities and this blog, my life is an open book. There is nothing about me that someone doesn't already know.

I have to admit a penchant for telling virtual strangers waaay more than they need (or want) to know. A recent example: someone I barely knew asked me how I was and I replied "hungry".

Instead of giving the usual and expected answer of "fine", I actually told the truth. What's up with that? If someone on the bus asks me something like "does the #96 go downtown?" I can turn it into a bus ride long chitchat complete with family photos and tattoo flashing. Oh, and I wouldn't have even gotten the other persons name. Or I would have and promptly forgot it. What's a narcissist to do?

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