Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I got "inked" last night

I've been thinking about this for a long time. I already have a few small ones scattered around the left side of my body. A "K" on my breast (for Karen, d'uh), a maple leaf on the outside of my ankle (I'm a first generation Canadian), a Chinese symbol saying "shake" (I know... weird but shake actually stands for Scott Henry Audrey Karen Elliott) on the inside of that ankle and now this one.

A few months ago I found a card that my mother gave Scott and me for our wedding. She had written inside (among other lovely things), "Love, Mom and Dad". I had the "Mom" lifted from the card and tattooed near the inside of my elbow. Same size as written in the card and same writing. I kinda feel like she wrote it on me. I love it but at the same time it makes me sad. I wish she could have written it herself. OMG, how maudlin was that? Sheesh, you'd think after 12 years I'd be over this by now. Obviously not.

Anyway, many thanks to the staff at Living Colour Tattoo on Dalhousie. They've been meeting my self-flagellating needs for the last 9 years. Thanks to Adrian who hurt me and made me laugh at the same time. Thanks to Julie for the moral support, the drive down and the beer after. Now, I just have to break it to Scott. Poor guy. He never knows I've done these until it's too late. How does he ever put up with my nonsense?

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