Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Photo dump!

Here are the photos from my camera since the last dump. Audrey and I had some fun seeing the musical Once, and my friend Kellie and I had a ball at the Vintage Clothing Show. Plus there are some miscellaneous shots from school and whatnot. Have a ball...
Selfie at the show Once. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit... quiet. I like my musicals with more flying around and/or big obnoxious musical dance numbers

This was cool. Before the show started and during intermission, the audience was served real live drinks at the virtual pub on stage. If our seats weren't in the nosebleeds, we would have made our way down.

I just couldn't resist. I'm a 47 year old infant.

Most awesome. Boss. Ever. Ordinarily I only hear about this when I get home from work and check Facebook.  This time flowers, a personalised card, cupcakes and chocolates (not pictured)? This job is a keeper.

We aren't supposed to post photos of the kids but I thought this one would be okay. Yes, there's a kid under there.


How I went to work on Halloween.

The hat I wore to the Vintage Clothing Show. I tried on a few more...

This hat was about a foot tall

It's so fluffy! Maybe it was Fluffy...

It looked cuter on the mannequin

My mum had one of these and it looked just as good on her.

What the holy hell?

I kept doing jazz hands wearing this. And it really was vintage... $150 and made in London on the tag.

Shaved beaver. Seriously. I bought this one. I couldn't resist the fur, and the potential joke fodder.

This wig makes me look like my own grandmother. Wearing a bad wig.

"Whatchoo lookin' at?" This was the scariest stole in the place. And some of them had legs... The horrible mouth opened and closed to latch onto itself like in a Flintstones cartoon. Yuck.
Hi Nana Kellie!

I almost bought this crazy onesie. The pattern was hypnotising me. What's worse, they were genie pants at the bottom. I kid you not.

I always promise myself I wouldn't take photos of my food. I've broken this promise many times but not this night. Treat night at the Golden Palace for the whole gang.

We have a kid in my class that is new in Canada from Russia. One day he was playing at the block centre and grabbed this toy. He ran over to me and excitedly pointed to it and back to me over and over, smiling and saying "You! You!". Yes, Stephan, it's me. Whatevs...
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