Monday, November 24, 2014

I had such a busy weekend

Friday I went to World Trivia Night. Our team came in 11th which was our best showing ever. Saturday and Sunday I went to Pop-Expo which is like Comic Con light. I had the best time, but I was so excited that I talked everyone's ears off about it so I won't bore you all today. So, just pictures!

This is how I looked

Close up

Cute kiddoes

Found them!

My con buddy Heather is on the left with Robin

Yipyipyip... uh huh

The only anime I could identify... Nonon from Kill la Kill

My badass friend 

I love that the Redshirt has a bullet (phaser) hole in her head.

A pro shot of Heather and me... DC vs. Marvel

Okay, I'm done talking about this, I promise. Go on with your evening.

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