Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day

I was a proud mum and teacher today as both Elliott and Audrey had something to do with the Remembrance Day ceremonies. Audrey played the flute with the band at her high school's assembly and Elliott went to a Veteran's home to play the bagpipes for the residents. He went in full band regalia (kilt included) and made a stop at my nursery school on his way home to play for the kids.

At my new school, when I asked this morning about what they do to mark 11am, they said they didn't do anything. I thought that we should try something. I know they're only 3 years old, but you can make nearly anything age appropriate. So at circle time I asked the kids about the poppies they see on everyone's lapels around town. I told them that the flowers are to remind us of the soldiers who help us feel safe. I said that some soldiers are far away from their mummies, daddies and kids and they needed some good thoughts.

Then at 11am, I turned out the lights in our class and darned if those great kids didn't clasp their little hands under their chins, sharing their piles of happy energy. It really was awesome, I was super proud of them.

I hope you had the chance to spare a thought today to those soldiers who fought and died today and those who are far away helping others. That's as complicated as it needs to be.


My father-in-law Jack Knox, WWII bomb aimer and Distinguished Flying Cross recipient
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