Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello again

Well, it's nice to see you. how've you been? Good, good. I've missed you. Yes, I know it's been a while but I was busy. You know... life and stuff. What? You'd like to know what I've been up to? Sure. I'll give you an update. It's been a while, so strap in...

The kids:
Henry has been racing his cart and practising every weekend. He has done 2 races and came in on the podium both times. The following picture was on his racing club's website.

Clearly an age and not height category...

Audrey has been asked to be a model for a photographer friend's website. The photographer Michelle is also working with student hairdresser and makeup artist to build up their portfolios. She's as excited as her teenage brain will allow which is at about this level:

Yay. I am a model. Zzzz...
Elliott is consistently making me simultaneously proud and frustrated. It actually makes me nauseous. He loves his co-op placement when he goes. He doesn't want to go to prom. I think it's because he's on the bubble of graduating in the first place). He just slinks around the house, hides in the basement watching animes and playing League of Legends. Ugh. But when he plants a big kiss on me, scratching my cheek with his whiskers), brings me a half a can of Monster (naturally, he drinks the other half) because he knows I like it, or blows the fixtures off the wall with the bagpipes, I melt.

Look at that test tube of water

What else? Scott got an office space for his home business, I've been doing a lot of dragonboating practice in preparation for the big festival next month (did you know it's the biggest dragonboat festival in North America? Now you do). Our new coach works us super hard but I'm sure it'll bring great results (read: bling. ed.). It's next week and if you want to donate to my team, click here.

I broke a tooth. That's new. I was eating bread of all things when I felt a crunch. I was delighted as I was ready to sue the pants off the local Metro grocery store for putting a piece of ceramic in their cheese bread. Turns out when I spat it out, it was a bit of my tooth. Great. Not only do I lose my generous cash settlement but I have to shell out nearly $1000 for a crown. Boo.

This is not my mouth but it pretty much what happened. I'm dying...

Work has been completely nuts with report cards due. Before you ask why I'm doing developmentally in-depth report cards for 3 year olds, I'll just tell you... it's because we just do. It was over a month of work and testing but it's done and that's why I have the breathing room to write today. Ahhh....

I still can't find anything. In fact it's getting worse. I found a pair of earrings in the furnace room last week. I'm likely to search and search for something only to find it exactly where it's supposed to be. Argh. Plus I still set off the smoke detector whenever I cook. In fact I keep the broom next to it now to have it within poking distance.

"I won the lottery!"... is what I would say if I had done that while I was on bloggy radio silence. But I did buy a lottery ticket. So, yeah.

I learned that you in fact, can add the missing baking soda into cake batter after it has already been put in the oven. That was a learning experience.

Having a new tv service provider has been making my day. We can pause and rewind live tv and I have to say that every time I use it someone's face is stopped in such a bizarre and hilarious way that I have to call in other people to see it.

I woke up laughing this morning. I don't remember specifics but I remember it was a dream of Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family. I don't know if you've ever woken up like that but it's the best way to get up in the morning EVER.

Last night was our bi-monthly ukulele night. I've been going for months and enjoying myself so so much. I even met a new friend Gillian. Anyway, last night Gillian and I were singing along to the Cure song "Friday I'm in Love" and the leader was struggling with the mashup of lyrics at the end. Having spent many an hour of my misspent youth locked up in my room with the headphones blaring that tune, it didn't take much convincing to get Gillian and me up there to sing. So you are reading the blog of a genuine rock star, people. You know, if a rock star played the ukulele. Or was a suburban mum. Or was a thick chocolate milkshake. Or was a part-time preschool teacher. So yeah. Rock on!

PS: Today's blog post is full of links, videos and pictures. If you can't see them, please head over to and put in "the kaye way". Enjoy!

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