Monday, June 23, 2014

This is what you get when you are short an "e"

Well, that and forget the blogspot part and put in .com instead of .ca... but you get my drift.

This is Kay from The Kay Way. No shit. Who knew? Looks like brilliant minds actually do think alike. And this Kay was born in Montreal too. Fancy that. And she has 3 kids. Unlike me, her name is actually Kay and she's very insightful (not "inciteful" like some I could mention and also doesn't seem to make up words like inciteful). She wants to be a life coach and help other people unlike yours truly who would, given omnipotent powers, happily and remorselessly wipe most people off the face of the earth. Her The Kay Way is the Bizarro World The Kaye Way. Well played, Kay. Well played.

She keeps a blog and I read a few posts. It looks like she's actually doing this writing thing to make the world a better place rather than just ranting about whatever she likes like some bloggers I can mention. The upside is, she posts just about as often as I have lately.

So if you want to be uplifted and learn something from a sweet, smart lady, go and read The Kay Way. But if you want to be dragged down to the bowelly depths of the despair by a profane, bald-headed, black nerd living with 3 smelly teens, a husband and an indifferent cat in the 'burbs, I'll take you to where you want to go. Eventually.

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