Friday, June 27, 2014

My summer manifesto

Ooh, that sounds serious, doesn't it? It isn't, really but I wrote one anyway. I decided to copy something I saw on the internet (naturally) and write a bucket list of cool stuff (and frankly, bogus stuff) to do over the summer. 

Listen. Summer is only a couple of months long and I'm intrinsically lazy so I thought I'd make this list short and completely doable for me. That way I can feel superior when I get it all done. Want to see it? Well, I guess you do otherwise you wouldn't have gotten this far. Here it is:

Summer Manifesto 2014

-Go to the beach (Easy... it's literally a 10 minute bike ride away)
-Bake for the neighbours (It's all about me. I like the attention)
-Go on a picnic (If you knew how much I hate eating and sleeping outside---and why don't you? Have you only just found my blog?---you'd realise how hard this one is for me)
-Go on a long bike ride (and the 10 minute ride to the beach doesn't count. I'm, thinking to downtown which is about 40 minutes away... which counts as long to my wimpy ass)
-Burn off the PVR (as of today's writing, I have 64 recordings which includes a whole season of 24 and the last half season of The Walking Dead... no spoilers!)
-Buy a whole outfit including shoes from Value Village (I've always wanted to do this. I constantly claim to Audrey's spoiled ass that it can be done and I have to prove my point)
-Read an entire book (How hard can this one be? I just bought a hammock from Costco to help me out here. It's all about the accessories, right?)

I just counted those and realised that there are 7 items. My mild OCD won't allow an odd number so I'm thinking of another one...


To have a great summer? I don't know. It's already shaping up to be pretty fun. I've got tickets to see Justin Timberlake, The Book Of Mormon and Welcome to Night Vale plus I have a pending spa day at the most amazing place in town thanks to my preschool parents. So let's count that as my 8th. 

-To have a successful, fun, rewarding, restful and excellent summer (Oh and that goes for you too)...


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