Monday, September 16, 2013

What is going on?

I've had such a hard time with cards lately. A month ago I had the info from my VISA card stolen. It sucked but they caught it right away (within a day) and cancelled the 3 charges that were made (at 2am in Bangkok, no less) without so much as a whimper. In fact, they noticed before I did. This is what happens when you only use a credit card for gas, the dentist, my cell and the odd nerdy tee shirt. When you get crazy charges from a Thai electronics store, a flag is going to go up.

Anyhoo, while they caught it with no problem, they've been dragging their fricking feet over sending me a new one. I've been waiting a month, and in the meantime my phone and bus pass have lapsed, and the cutest Totoro t shirt has gone by in one of my favourite geeky tee shirt online stores. Damn.

It wasn't this but it was just as cute. URG.

So yesterday, continuing my winning streak vis a vis VISA, I went shopping at Costco. As one does, I filled my cart with literally a metric ton of food and merchandise and made my way to the cash. But what's this? Where is my flipping debit card? I pulled over and dug into that Fossil purse like an archaeologist but came up with nothing but sand. Well, purse dust but I'm trying to paint a picture. Nope, nothing. Then I thought, "Hey, not to worry, I can just use my VISAAAAaaaaah DAMMIT!" I asked a kind employee if they took personal cheques and thank GOD, they did so I was that person at the register writing a personal check, holding up the line like a little old lady counting change. Luckily I had a gross folded one in the bottom of my bag because that doesn't happen often either. 

I knew I hadn't lost my debit card (I never do that) but where was it? When I got home I checked the straw bag that I'd just swapped out that morning for the Fossil (you can't use a straw bag in the fall... I'm not a fashion Luddite). It wasn't there. Then I remembered when I last used it. It was girl's drinks night at a local seafood restaurant. What was I wearing? Yes. The blue skinny jeans. And lo and behold, there it was, tucked in the back pocket (I never do that). But there it was. I guess I had one Gibson too many. 

Anyway the moral of the story is... well, there isn't really a moral, I'm just telling you about this card thing. And I'm just about to call that Indian call centre to find out where my bloody credit card is. Again. They promised it by today. Grrr....


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