Thursday, September 5, 2013

So what did you all do today?

Today I had the great pleasure of hanging with one of my dragonboat teammates. She's so funny and awesome and we often refer to each other as "Chocolate" (Me) and "Mocha" (she's Pakistani). We crack each other up in the boat and finally decided to get together off the water.

When I arrived at her place, she offered me something to eat. I said sure and she immediately started peeling potatoes. Whoa! I told her a was expecting something along the lines of a couple of cookies out of a box or a slice of freezer cake (do they still make those?) but she insisted on cooking. Who am I to argue? So I watched in utter fascination as she almost absent-mindedly made pilau from freaking scratch! Yum!

Then we went to her screening room

I know, right?

to watch a Bollywood movie starring my favourite Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. This one was a 3 hankie cryfest (on my part... Afshan has a cold heart of stone). I seriously spent 90 minutes of this 3 hour movie in near hysterics. I was so dehydrated when it was done that I needed a Gatorade but I settled for a glass of water. Then to top it off, when we were enjoying our rice and talking about the best parts, I started crying again. And holy crap, typing this I'm welling up again. Crazy. Seriously nuts.

[I took a few minutes here to calm down after setting up that video... seriously, this movie messed me UP]

After the movie she drove me back home but not before a stop at Starbucks for my new favourite thing. A chocolate chai latte. I don't usually hit Starbucks since they used to have only a few sad choices for us tea drinkers but this is worth a detour. Yum. Again.

Then it was back to normal at home for about an hour until my next dragonboat practice. I'm seriously wiped out from all that crying and paddling. I'm going to bed. But it sure was an awesome day.

How was yours?


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