Monday, September 9, 2013

How many phone numbers do you remember?

Right off the top of your head? How many? The last number I memorised is my Elliott's cell number and he got that phone 4 years ago. Any number after that has been assigned a speed dial number on both my home phone and my cell.

So Audrey's number and Scott's new number just never stuck. God help me of I'm stuck somewhere having to give them out. There's no way I can remember. I think Audrey's starts with a 315 and I know for sure Scott's ends in the letters BORD (he chose that for a specific reason) but that's as close as I can get.

Ask me what the phone number was of the house I grew up in. I know it 656-2480. My best friend's number? Sure! 676-6213. Kathy from down the street? 656-8962. My own child? Fruit of my loins? Um... there's a 7 in it but that's all I got besides speed dial 3.

Want a pizza? 737-1111. Hurt in a car? Call William Mattar 444-4444. Need new carpets? 800-588-2300 (Empire today!). Embarrassing.

Oh, and remember when all the people in your neighbourhood had the same exchange (that's the first 3 numbers)? Scott recalls a time when asked for numbers, his neighbours just gave the last 4 because his area was so small, it was assumed the first 3 were always 989. You always knew where people lived from their phone numbers.

Here's some trivia I learned: the reason New York and L.A were given the area codes 212 and 213 was because they had higher population density than the rest of the states when they were the first issued. Those numbers were easier to dial on an old rotary phone. No one could dial 999 as a area code without finger cramps. Hey, and whatever happened to 0 for the operator? Does that still even work? I remember using it a lot before call waiting to cut the line when there was a busy signal for too long. My mother hated when I did that.

Anyway, all that to say that I won't remember your number even if you tell it to me 100 times. I'll just store it away in the contacts of my phone. And to be honest, I won't call you anyway. I mean, don't you have Facebook? Sent me a message or an email. Geez. Are you a Luddite or something?


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