Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get your fresh updates here!

I realized yesterday that I haven't given you all an proper update on how we Kayes are doing. I've gone on rants about baby teeth and me, me, me but nothing about my precious family. So here's what we're up to:

Me: Well you know already.

Scott: He doesn't like me to talk about him on here. Suffice it to say he's fine and dandy.

Elliott: He's currently in Europe on a tour with his cadet corps. According to his itinerary he's in Belgium but we haven't heard a word from him. I'm sure he's fine and I'm not as worried about him as I would have been thanks to Alison (THANKYOU!). Ignoring us is not personal, he's just being 15. (*breathe in*) acknowledged and... (*breathe out*) released. Have fun kiddo.

Audrey: She doesn't have too many extracurricular activities but she keeps herself busy by talking on the phone, playing on the computer and watching tv. I can sometimes roust her off the couch by suggesting shopping trips with yours truly. In other words, she's a completely normal, ordinary 13 year old girl.

Henry: A hockey playing, video gaming, ball of energy. He burns it off by doing backflips on our backyard trampoline and biking for hours. In a couple of weeks he's scheduled to get braces so that should curb his monstrous appetite for a couple of days.

Taz (the cat): He's got a wonky thyroid which is making him lose weight and he hates his new prescribed food. He'll only eat it if I put some tuna juice on it. The doctor expressly forbade me to give him any other food but it was a question of watching him starve to death or cheat just a bit. I mean he was really ignoring it and "crying" for food. I couldn't stand it anymore. Anyway, he's eating a bit more and isn't quite as annoying as he was so it's a win/win.

Nameless gerbils: Do we still have those things?

So that's the family update for this gorgeous Easter/Passover weekend. I'm going to start on my list of things to do by boiling some eggs for dyeing and getting some things prepared in advance for tomorrow's big dinner. I thought a mix of Christian and Jewish on the table would be nice by replacing the traditional Easter ham (which we're not crazy about anyway) with turkey and adding charoset and matzah to the table. I think it'll taste amazing.

Please have fun and be safe whatever you do this holiday and see you soon!

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