Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An open letter

To Everyone With Whom I Converse on a Regular Basis,

People, we've gone through this before. You know I love technology as much as the next person. You read my blog, we're friends on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, Picasa, Gmail, Google+, you name it. I'm on the computer at least 20 hours a week and even when I worked on a computer all day I still came home and computed half the night. As you are well aware, I'm a child of the computer age.

So when you ask if I've watched So You Think You Can Dance and I say "no but I taped it", stop laughing. You have to know I don't mean an actual VCR with an actual cassette. It's just what I'm used to saying. Telling you that I'm going home to watch So You Think You Can Dance on PVR doesn't roll off my tongue.

Here are some other things I may say. Please control yourselves:

"Just leave a message on my answering machine". No, I don't have a machine with a tape beside my telephone.

"The policemen/firemen/mailmen are on strike so I won't get arrested when I set fire to that mailbox!" This is just an example, people.

"OMG, I love that record!" As a matter of fact I have a 32g iPod touch that holds mp3 files of every "record"  and "tape" that I've ever owned.

Stop judging me. I really am a modern girl. It's just that at my advanced age (44 as of tomorrow), I can't be bothered to think too long before I speak. I could go at any minute and I can't spare the time. It takes too long to mentally come up with those new-fangled terms but, trust me, I know what the "real" things are.

So please keep your sniggering to yourself.

Karen Kaye

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