Wednesday, November 4, 2015

These are a few of my favourite things....

Close your eyes and picture Julie Andrews trilling those beautiful notes while jumping on a bed with 7 adorable motherless waifs, then open your eyes to the reality of a chubby, Black, baldheaded woman squatting at her computer in her pyjamas with an empty plate of partially eaten pizza crusts around her. Where are her 3 waifs? Dunno.

Sorry to remind you that his is the real world, folks.


I want to share a few of my favourite things right now. Join me as we take a walk through my weird little mind today.

1. Scrub shirts at work. Where have they been all my life? When I did my first field placement back when the earth was cooling, the centre had a policy that all their teachers wear them. At the time I thought it was oppressive and mean. Nope. These shirts are easy to clean, I don't care how many times I wear them in a month, it takes half the time to choose my wardrobe for the day since I only have 10, and best reason ever? The POCKETS. My god, the number of times I pick something up to re-home, need kleenex or a pen, it's right there in one of my many deep pockets. And I can embrace my nerdiness with the patterns available.

2. Not having to wear scrubs. I now love going out and showing that I have a figure and nice clothes.

3. My tiny frog Jay. He's in a small tank with my betta fish and he makes me laugh every day. When it's feeding time he bolts to the top of the tank and back down looking like he bangs his head on the gravel every time. Then he'll freeze dead in a hilarious pose on his back legs like Michigan J. Frog from the Bugs Bunny cartoon. That's why his name is "Jay". I've had the thing for months and it kills me every time.

Can't you just see him with a top hat and cane belting out "Ragtime Gal"?

4. My half days at work. Yes, we need the money and yes, I need a pension, but damn, when I'm doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom at 2pm or making a fancy supper in the middle of the week, it pays off for my mental health and general happiness. Afternoon naps are an exquisite bonus. Plus if you're having a shitty day at work (and trust me, in a preschool I don't always mean that figuratively), it's nice to remember that I'll be home in the sweet embrace of my couch-groove in mere hours.

5. My new shoes. A second pair of Fluevogs and they make me so happy. I was at a meeting last night and I caught sight of them and was distracted by them for so long that my boss who was sitting beside me, watching me gaze at my outstretched leg, commented "nice shoes" but I think it was more of a "will you effing pay attention?" Hee.

6. Periscope. It's an app where people can film what they are doing in real time. You watch and post comments and questions that you can answer. The other day I watched a guy in the UK making pancakes, asking him questions about ingredients. I know how weird that sounds but you have to take my word for it. It's so great. I'm actually filming myself blogging this very minute. No one is watching oops... 2 people just logged in and are watching me as I type. Weird...


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