Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What's new since the last post?

Let's see...

1. Scott and I appeared on an episode of "Switched At Birth"
It's only a photograph of us taken a few years ago, onscreen for about 2 seconds. At the time, the photographer asked us to sign a release to sell the negatives to Getty Images but none of us thought that it'd come to anything. 

2. I got pierced
An industrial piercing and ouch.

3. I got my 3rd ever pedicure
Light blue toes. Pretty.

4. I've seen a bunch of summer movies
Age of Ultron... Loved it
Mad Max... So freaking great! Should have been called "Furiousa"
Pitch Perfect 2... Meh
Tomorrowland... Yuck
Spy... So funny
Jurassic World... Best. Death. Ever.
Inside Out... Fell asleep.
Magic Mike XXL... Hubba hubba
Ant-Man... Exactly what I expected. And I expected to love it.

5. I'm waiting for my new clear ukulele to arrive
Not patient because look how cute...

6. We're going to the UK soon and I'm trying (and failing) to pack everything I'll need for 9 days in a large carry-on.
What is the point of this? I plan to check the bag anyway. I'm just trying to make myself crazy.

7. I got drunker that I have been in modern memory
It messed me up the entire of the following day. I think I'm done with Fireball. Forever.

So that's what's new with me. I'm really enjoying this summer and at the same time looking forward to getting back to work. Go figure. How's life with you?

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