Monday, August 31, 2015

Just came back from a run

I'm trying to get myself slowly back into some kind of a routine after the slobfest that was this summer. I slept in until 10, I had sugar cereal for breakfast, I showered intermittently and I didn't run. Well, maybe once a week on average, which is seriously an insult to runners everywhere.

So this morning I set the clock for 8:30 (yes, I'm aware of how that sounds) and only slept for an hour past that. Then I got up, picked up the pile of clothes at the foot of my bed and tried to persuade myself not to go. I bargained and begged but as I was picking stuff up, I was unconsciously putting on a running outfit and before I knew it was was dressed and ready. I headed outside only to be immediately tempted by my neighbour Gabriel. He wanted me to come to his backyard and check out his garden. He and Elliott have been working together all summer and he claimed Elliott did all the work himself. I really wanted to see it. Well, more likely, I really didn't want to run. But I resisted his charms and headed to the park.

I actually did it. I ran (okay mostly walked) 3K. Down from my usual 5K but considering last week at this time I was still in bed dreaming, it was a start. And next week when school starts I'll be doing all this at 5:30 so I'd better get my act together but quick.

Now off to drink my protein shake and watch four hours of Doctor Who on the PVR. Well, you can't rush the acclimatising. You'll get the summer bends.


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