Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Law of averages

There are lots of things that make me average.

I'm a size 12 with a size 9 foot. Average
I have 3 kids. Over, but pretty close to average
I live in the suburbs. Average
I watch all the summer blockbusters and love them. Average
At Oscar time, I watch only the Best Picture Nominees. Average
I live in a high ranch house with a front and back yard. Average
We have 2 cars. Average
My age group (15-64) is the age of the average Canadian...

But some days I feel anything but average. Almost extraordinary. Like I could write a best-seller about my life. And they'd make a movie based on it starring... um, Jada Pinkett Smith... Moving on

I paddle, I play the ukulele, I bake a pretty mean cake, I cosplay, I've run a marathon (but never again, mind you), I hate to cook, I have a successful marriage (I could write volumes on that alone), I can knit, I like to write, I kick ass at trivia, I have a bit of a potty mouth... Overall, I'm a pretty fucking darned interesting person. Anything but average.

So by that logic, nobody is really average, are they? But doesn't that in itself make everyone average? Oh, my brain...

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