Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Photo Dump!

Some shots from the previous few weeks I found on my phone...

We had a "microburst" storm a few weeks ago that knocked out our power for 24 hours. I went to bed shortly after dark because I just couldn't think of anything to talk about. With my own family. Sad.

This felon looks exactly like Elliott. It scared the shit out of me. luckily he was out of town when this idiot was misbehaving.  

Not impressed with the 8 degree pouring rain dragonboat festival weather. When I got home I had Scott turn the heat on in the house.

This was my delicious lunch that day. Yup, a stellar day all around.

Audrey and I had gone to a hair seminar where the stylist gave demos on how to take care of your hair. If you think I went for myself, you'd be wrong.

I was so proud of this train track setup I made that I had to take a photo for posterity. I seriously have doubts about this toy being for children.

Dragonboat festival number 2. I was complaining about the lack of footholds for us strokes. As you know, I like to complain. Turns out there was no need.

Because we came in first in the B final making us 4th overall. Pretty sweet.

How many of these freaking photos do I have on my hard drive? So annoying...


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