Friday, August 29, 2014

Video Vendredi

For my American readers, Vendredi is Friday in French.

I was recently reminiscing on 80's music when I realized how good Duran Duran was. Not just good in a nostalgic way that demands that everything I loved in the 80's was good-- from fluorescent leg warmers to Flock of Seagulls hair-- but genuinely terrific. Their first album was weird and dark and a lot less teeny-bopper than the later stuff was to become. I spent ages in a YouTube black hole proving that to myself. To spare you (although most of my older friends wouldn't mind too much) I posted 2 of my favourites from their first album here to show you. You wouldn't know these unless you were an old school fan but give them a chance.

This is "Careless Memories"

And this is "Is There Anyone Out There?"

Put aside the dated clothes, Carleton Banks dancing and crispy hair and really listen. I honestly think this band got a raw deal and was sorely underrated in terms of musicality. When the teeny-boppers latched on (because of their good looks, lets face it... who else but Simon LeBon could pull off that sweet sweet headband?), they became an 80's punchline the way One Direction is today. And they didn't deserve it.

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