Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My reactions to the new Lay's chip flavours

Every year Lay's comes out with 4 bizarre flavours for Canadians to try and vote on. I know it's a marketing gimmick because even though they say they'll start producing the winning flavour, I never see it again. Where's my Maple Moose from last year, dudes? It was so great... maple barbequed moose-meat flavoured chips? What's not to love? They do this yearly so idiots like me will buy 4 bags in one go of the most outrageous flavours. I mean who buys 4 bags of chips at one time if you're not hosting a Super Bowl party? I rarely buy big bags of chips like this in the first place.

So this year they released 4 more flavours for the weak minded such as yours truly. What follows is a photographic review of each flavour. 

I started retching after 1 chip and had enough after about 5. Never have I hated a chip more. Seriously, whose idea was this? They were as sweet as a cinnamon bun but crunchy like a chip. They broke my brain and ruined my colon. Vile.

I just got a tee shirt that described the flavour of these chips perfectly. Meh. They weren't terrible. In case you can't see the bag clearly, they're tzatziki flavoured.

Getting warmer... I really thought I'd like these the best. Poutine is my most favouritest thing in the world to eat. But alas, the tinge of bacon (which I love separately, don't get me wrong, just don't mess with my poutine) made them less yummy than I'd hoped.

We have a winner. I didn't expect it but these jalapeño mac and cheese yummies are my favourite. I'm not usually a fan of the humble jalapeño but these really rocked my socks.

And there you have it. I tried these chips so you don't have to. And sadly, I'll probably never see these mac & cheese chips again but honestly, that's fine for my waistline. Next year they'll probably have another 4 bizarre flavours to test my already sadly lacking will power. Maybe chicken nugget with honey mustard dipping sauce? Banana cream pie? Salted kale? Mulch?

The mind boggles.


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