Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ottawa Comic-con

Okay, I bored people enough on Facebook about this fantastic event and this blog is linked to my page so some of you will be getting this a second third fourth (?) time. To those people, I'm sorry. A little. Listen... I have no one to talk nerdy with in my real life. No one gets me at work, the girls I paddle with are mentally mature and my family is close but only nerd adjacent. I have nowhere to go but here.

To spare those who have seen them, I'll only post my one favourite photo from each day and one extra because it's my blog and I can do what I want. Here goes...

Day 1. In our first lineup of the day. You can't tell but I'm "DisneyBounding" Princess Tiana which is casual dress Disney characters. Google it...

Day 2. My friend Sean and his friend Phil cosplaying The Tick and Bob Ross. The amount of attention they got was incredible. I LOVED walking the floor with them.

Day 3. OMG, This man *made* my childhood I was so thrilled to meet the artist who draws Archie Comics.

Me and Elliott in the photo booth. It was the best 3 days of my life with my kid.

See? Painless. I think I'll drop it for now. For now. Like I said, this is my only outlet...

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