Monday, May 12, 2014

My Origin Story

Inspired by superheroes' origin stories (just wait a couple of days and you'll see my Comic-con pictures) I thought I'd tell you the 2 high school events that made me the woman I am today.

1)  The time my grade 9 English teacher (who was also the school drama teacher) forced me to take a bit part in her play Oliver Twist. I still remember how nauseated but exhilarated I felt when I burst onstage to deliver the first of my 12 lines: "Wait, Stop! Please don't take that boy away! Stop this moment!" This part of my origin story gave me the love of acting and drama.

2) The time the coolest girl in school cut in front of me in a line for a manicure (which, of course closed after she went). Incredibly, to make up for it, she invited me to hang out with the cool kids that day. I never left their group and to this day I say that grade 11 (1984) was the best year of my life. This adventure taught me not to make assumptions about people and that everyone deserves a chance to show you their true colours. Plus it gave me the supreme confidence to walk up to just about anyone and strike up a conversation.

If it wasn't for these two relatively small things that happened to me, I'm sure I'd be quite a different person. Of course there are other events that shaped me as well like a few belt spankings (well, it was the 70s after all) and flunking out of college but those stories aren't as fun to tell. And a little depressing, frankly. So I guess you'll have to wait to read about them my memoirs...

PS:  I'm not planning to write my memoirs

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