Monday, December 10, 2012

So the other day I saw one of those bumper stickers.

You know the ones. The braggy ones that say "Proud Parent of an Honour Student". To be honest I only think they're braggy because I'll never get to stick one on my car. Do they even make stickers for the less academically inclined? Where's my bumper sticker proclaiming "Parent of a Student"?

As the mother of 3 completely average kids, can I sour grape the "proud parents" for a minute? They have to take their clever kids to expensive tutoring sessions and extra lessons while I get to spend quality time with my little braniacs shopping at the Mall or watching The Walking Dead. These smartypants kids get to go to enriching music classes while my little darlings are at hockey practices getting their clocks cleaned by other similarly inclined children.

Plus, if your kids are super smart, they inevitably leave to go to some specialised University, learning more and more, far, far away from your loving arms. Whereas my wonderful spawn will be living in my house for a long long (long) time.

So brag if you will, bumper sticker parents. My kids will stay here with me forever and that is what I keep trying to convince myself is exactly what I want. So yeah.


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