Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello Thursday

For today's post I thought I'd regale you with some YouTube clips that have me obsessing lately. Be forewarned that they're pretty geeky so turn away now if you aren't similarly inclined.

1. The first is Will Smith's new movie trailer which also stars his son Jaden. Will and I have a strange relationship. I love him like a brother and I'm bizarrely convinced that if he and I met we'd be instant friends. Our families would hang out together having BBQs and playing board games. In fact around my house we call him "Uncle Will". But that still doesn't silence the part of me who does so enjoy seeing him with his shirt off. Don't judge.

The trailer for Les Miserables. Never before had I even considered leaving my family on Christmas Day to see a movie. I can barely sit through this trailer without tearing up. I simply canNOT wait.

My love of all things Who is unprecedented and well known here so let's not dwell. But I will say that between Les Mis and The Doctor Who Christmas Special, Christmas Day is going to be very very special for Santa's brownest nerd.

4. Star Trek. The trailer for the new movie came out and Oh My Hell, it looks fantastic. I must have watched this 15 times and all it is is explosions and screaming.

5. Strange new movie about a zombie who comes back to life through the power of love. Yes, I know it sounds dumb and mostly for teens but if you think about most of the above clips, you'll see why it appeals to me. Plus why can they have vampire love stories and werewolf romances and nothing with zombies? I'm all for equality.

6. I just added this last one because as most of you know I work in a Jewish preschool and it's Hanukkah this week. This song has been stuck in my head on a loop and I thought maybe by posting it it would loosen its hold. Unfortunately I spent 10 minutes looking for the perfect version (one that was most like the one we sing in class) and it has only served to make it worse. I think at this point if you cracked open my skull, dreidels would spill out.

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