Monday, May 30, 2016

Squad Goals

When I had my kids over 20 years ago, I had a plan. To make a little unbreakable posse of true blue friends. Buddies to the end. Three amigos who will have each other's backs until the end of time. Having them 25 and 18 months apart would ensure that. Wouldn't it?

Smash cut to present day. How many times have I asked Audrey what one of her brothers would want for his birthday and gotten a bland stare. Friday Henry went to Montreal to do some kart racing, due back Sunday. Sunday morning I asked Audrey what it was like to have Henry away all weekend and she replied "I didn't even notice he wasn't here" without even looking up from her phone. GAH!

I'd just love it if they'd have each other's backs, you know? Be a gang I can't infiltrate. If Elliott or Henry did something bad, Audrey would narc on them in a hot minute. All this led to the twitter posts between me and  Audrey below.

I still stand by it.

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