Thursday, May 19, 2016

Comic Con Photo Dump!

I know all these have been on Facebook but, as usual, I'm using my prerogative to post them again. I loved those three days and getting to relive them a few days later is so special. As you all know, my family, friends and co-workers don't really get me. They try, they indulge, but they don't get me. I've started to accept that but it doesn't mean I can't crow about my love for all things nerdy. So here goes...

Hipster Storm was a "closet cosplay" which means I cobbled the whole look from things I already have. Next time I'll get a Starbucks cup with "Ororo" written in it...

"Who ya gonna call?"

My gentlemen companions.

The Enterprise bridge. Yawn.

It's hard to be all blase with my faithful Sherpa around

Heather and I nerd it up

Celebrating Elliott's 20th birthday after the con

Day 2. Costume 2. Breaking out 50s housewife Captain America with my friends from the Capitol Effie and Haymitch

If you'll remember a few years ago, I took care of a little baby. The last home daycare kiddie at my place. This is him as Jimmy Olsen with his daddy Bizarro Superman and friend Lex Luthor

Disney Princess Warriors. So great!

Some kind of fish guy? He looked so good

BB8 and rey

Heather and me in a Civil War

Me and my girlfriend Peggy Carter

Audrey met a friend

Love the Doctor Who cosplayers. This is Madame Vastra

Steampunk beauty. And she told me that *my* costume was great.

I'm so so happy with this! I got Dan Parent, the current Archie artist, to draw a portrait of me! I've been Archified!

This was Effie from the day before, now as Snape. I love cosplayers!

Blurry and tired

Hanging with my ukulele friend Gillian. Two nerd-doms crashing

The Kingpin. He promised not to crush my head in a car door (Daredevil reference)

More Steampunkers. The one on the right was the one in the pink skirt above. I'd love to see her closet.

Last day

From Friday taken by a proper photographer
How much fun was this weekend? I wish that everyone in my life loved this stuff as much as I do. But no matter, Like the subtitle of my twitter states: I have high self esteem. Or at least I fake it till I make it...

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