Monday, January 4, 2016

Well, that was interesting

Because I'm a teacher, my holiday started on the 18th. Scott and I saw Star Wars which started the holiday amazingly.

 The following day we packed up the gang and drove to Montreal to see my dad. We stayed for a couple of days and had a nice Christmas with the grands.

When we got home I took the gift certificate I got from work and went straight to my favourite shoe store where I got not one but two pairs of shoes.

All the while I've been knitting knitting knitting mittens, no less. I've knitted so many that I've sped up and now I'm able to make one in two hours

Then Christmas morning came and I made Ooey Gooey Cinnamon rolls, my traditional Christmas morning breakfast. This will be the last time I make such a big batch since every year there are more and more left over. This year we ate the last one yesterday. Seriously.

Of course there was the haul. In addition to the usual nerdy stuff, I got this little gem that I'm using to write this post today.

Then it was time for dinner... Scott gets these gems from work every year. Fifteen pounds of juicy tryptophan deliciousness...

Two days after Christmas is Henry's birthday. No problem. All hands on deck for cake baking and a little sleepover party with his friends. He's finally 16 and ready for his driver's ed.

Not ones to let grass grow under our feet, it was off to Toronto for a few days. Just because.

This guy from the ROM made me laugh..

 So did this one...

And this one.

We also went to the aquarium which was spectacular

And the CN Tower

And Casey and Finnegan's treehouse

 We messed around the CBC building pretending we were tv stars and generally had a wonderful time. I love travelling with the kids. It sounds cliche but we really do spend quality time together. It's so great!

Oh, then this happened. On New Year's Day I noticed a video I'd posted ages ago got its first twitter like. It was me playing a cute little song at ukulele night. Who was it? Only the man who wrote and performed the song! What an amazing way to start 2016!

So how was your holiday?

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