Thursday, January 14, 2016

Back to boring

Yup, after my interesting year so far with Wesley the dog and AJ Raphael twitter-liking the YouTube video of me mangling his song at ukulele night, nothing much has happened.

Except for setting off the fire alarm at my school with a sparkler and bringing several hunky firefighters and a couple of trucks screaming to our door this morning. Hey, it counts as our monthly fire drill, right?

Yup, nothing interesting to see here at all.

Oh, I can't forget this nugget that I found on my bathroom mirror this morning. You know, when you feel shitty from lack of sleep and you are hoping for 10 feet of snow to cancel school just for one more hour in bed, it's pretty sweet to find a post-it like this on your bathroom mirror.

What a swell guy. Even after 28(!) years...

And, no, I didn't drive away from the house with the car still plugged in like I have done in the past so there's that. See? Boring.


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