Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So this happened

Well, this is a disappointment. Now before I launch into this, know that everything is all about me. If you've read even two posts to this blog, you know I'm not exaggerating.

In September, Henry got an academic award. He got a certificate and medal for getting "the highest standing in Grade 9 English". Great news, yes? No. Because I just heard about it this afternoon. There was a ceremony and everything. A ceremony that I missed because Henry didn't bring the information home.

Of course I'm delighted that he got this but he robbed me of the pride and joy I'd have felt in a room full of teachers, kids and other parents. I missed the fun of finding the perfect shirt and tie and breaking out my Fluevogs. And the pictures. The hundreds and hundreds of pictures. And tears. Boo.

So here's the award he found scrunched at the bottom of his locker this afternoon and unceremoniously dropped in my lap. Sigh.


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