Monday, April 7, 2014

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

I love them so much. But I don't think that's a stretch since I'm a woman. Then again, I'm not so crazy about chocolate so don't quote me on that stereotype.

So I wanted to write about shoes today and out of curiosity I put the word "shoes" in the search box above my blog and I sure got a lot of hits. To say the least, I kinda like the things. Quite a bit. Here are a few photos I've posted over the years:

Ghetto shopping (trying on with no intention of buying)

Walking in my first pair of Louboutins

This was my screensaver for years

In London, never happier

Getting rid of some old friends

Another day, another ghetto shopping trip

Audrey will literally learn at the feet of the master...

These are my own Louboutins. I actually own them. They were a birthday present. Le sigh...

Err... this one speaks for itself

Shoes (I mean feet) resting in Belgium. (see Audrey is learning)

My favourite TARDIS blue cons

These gorgeous Fendis live in Las Vegas

My first (of 12 as of today) pair of Converse. A gateway shoe?

My shoe closet. There is another just like it above. I told you I like 'em...

One of my favourite Facebook profile pictures

Snowshoes count as shoes. Because I said so, that's why

How can I explain my love affair with shoes? I can't. I only know that there are times when going to the shoe store is the highlight of a weekend that could have included a restaurant meal or 80s retro hairband concert. I only need to try them on and walk around a bit. They don't need to be expensive. I'm just as happy in the shoe section of Giant Tiger or Payless as I am ghetto shopping at Holt's or The Bay.

Scott often asks me why so many pairs. Well, that's an easy one. Different shoes for different situations. For instance, I have the most pairs of black shoes. For me, high heels go with very fancy dressing like weddings and expensive dinners. Medium height can be for casual dressing like for a house party. Then there's work and walking around. Pointed flats, rounded toe flats, maryjanes, sneakers, Converse... You can never have enough. And of course my favourite pair is always the last pair I bought. Which brings me to the next paragraph.

It was a spur of the moment thing (like it usually is, if I'm honest). I was at the Mall for something else and as usual Payless called me. As I turned down the size 9 aisle, these gorgeous little babies did a jitterbug all over my heart. All I could picture was me wearing the hell out of them at ukulele night. I couldn't just leave them there, it would have been cruel. 


Tell me about your favourite shoes.


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