Thursday, April 24, 2014

Photo dump!

God, that sounds so awful. Let's try: I have no idea what to post so why don't I make all my readers sit through a bunch of pictures I forgot I took like a 1970s slide party.

Yup, that's better.

This is the extent of my "sexting". Scott was away and I was saying goodnight

The blueberry pie I made for Easter dessert

The inevitable dance party ending of a Mexican Easter dinner. We went just for drinks and we ended up dancing until I threw out my back. I'm still in pain.

Audrey felt like a blowout. So weird with straight hair!

About an hour in. Look at the look on her face. 

Scott came with me to BUG Night! He played Rosie while I played Melody

Quick visit to Montreal and I visited the church where I was christened (and lit a candle for my mum)

Audrey and I on our weekly date

Trying on Borscht Belt comedian glasses at the Vintage Clothing Show

I just do *not* have a hat head

Pub lunch. Can I just mention that her hair here is the *same exact length* as in the blowout photo above? This is how curly it is.

Just seconds before she fell out of the tree.

Okay, so Henry (and Scott) just bought a go-cart. What is happening to the babies I had?

Painting in my class. Not allowed to show faces so ponytails it is.

Everytime I see a patio set I like I take a photo then promptly forget that I did. It's probably gone by now.

Can you feel the love? My class ROCKS.


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