Thursday, February 6, 2014

Well, this is new...

While stopped at a traffic light yesterday I noticed a woman rooting around in her purse on the front seat beside her. I kept my eye on her since I thought she was looking for a phone, and I wanted to be ready with my evillest dirty look. She wasn't.

Incredibly, she pulled out an electric toothbrush and proceeded to brush her teeth. And kept doing it as the light changed, and the traffic moved ahead. I couldn't believe it, and I had to try to get a shot. It's obviously terrible because I was trying to stay abreast of her, and she was going surprisingly fast. I've seen many people doing many bizarre things in a moving vehicle (including some penis stuff I wish I could unsee), but this one takes the case.


Nine out of 10 dentists say that brushing while driving is hazardous to your health

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