Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines to most

I say most because a lot of singles people don't celebrate this holiday invented by the Hallmark company and blah blah blah. Actually I don't think they actually did but they sure PR'd the hell out of it, didn't they?

This VD will be the best celebrated by the Kayes because we're off to Disney World in an hour. I'm the most excited person in the house (it's the teen boys that swing down the enthusiasm average... all shoulder shruggy and meh) and I attribute it to being stalled in a childlike state even at the advanced age of 46 plus the fact that I've never been there before. The happiest person on earth (me, natch) at the Happiest Place on Earth? I expect some kind of mental implosion.

Side note, when my alarm rang at 5am, the song playing on the radio was "Some Guys Get All the Luck" by Rod Stewart, I kid you not. Bodes well, eh?

PS: I'm not sure about the WiFi situation while I'm gone and I, frankly, may be too hepped up to actually post but wait until the blowout post when I get back. It'll be epic.

D'awww... her dress is hearts!

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