Monday, February 11, 2013

Is there anything better than pyjama day?

It was PJ Day at school today. I love my work on a normal day but on a day where I can enjoy the exquisite pleasure of rolling out of bed and right into work, it's even better. Okay, in all honesty I rolled out of bed and into my gym clothes, then into a shower, applied a "natural" coat of makeup then into respectable pyjamas saved expressly for preschool pyjama days but the theory is still sound.

I also brought my oldest stuffed toy that my dad had named "Poomsie". It's a shapeless blob that looks homemade. It might have been, I never knew, but I loved it. My dad named it because the toy was given to me at around age 2 before I had the full power of speech. But I could say one thing, and my daddy has a weird sense of humour.

Because in my family poomsie means "fart".

So imagine my internal delight as my kids said it over and over today. I laughed all blessed day and it still sends me into giggle fits thinking about it. Needless to say I had the best day ever.

So how was yours?


It even kind of looks like a fart, doesn't it?

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