Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's in your purse?

I own lots of handbags. In fact, I have more purses than shoes and that's saying a lot. I won't go into specifics but let's say I have at least 2 in every colour on the colour wheel. At least two of every colour. So naturally I change purses quite often. In fact today since I was going to a couple of different places for a couple of different occasions I used two different ones and had to empty the big one out to use the small one.

I went to work today with one of my biggest bags. Wanna know what was inside? Thought so.

-2 chapsticks (one cherry, one regular)
- a bottle of hand sanitiser
- a container of hand lotion
- face powder
- perfume (Clean Shower Fresh)
- Stila cheek and lip stain
- my wallet (14 cards, $10, a blank cheque and a $20 cheque I keep meaning to cash)
- my cell
- my iTouch
- earbuds
- a file folder containing a bunch of paperwork 
- 2 packs of gum
- a packet of Listerine Pocket Packs (hm... worried about bad breath much?)
- a pen
- an mp3/ cell charger
- a camera
- keys
- eyeglasses
- prescription sunglasses
- packet of kleenex
- a black hoodie
- my business cards (they were funnier when I didn't actually have a job)
- a bagel with cream cheese
- an apple
-a travel mug of tea

And that's the contents of my bag. Wasn't that illuminating? What can you take away from my purse contents psychologically? Well, that I like soft and clean hands and I worry about my lips and breath. Also I don't get too hungry during the day and I obviously have a big-ass, heavy bag. It looks a lot like this:

Now let me get to bed so I can get the energy to haul this around one more day...


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