Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of the day that Scott and I first met.

I'm not one of those "anniversary women". You know the ones who think that the first time you held hands or the first time you shared a milkshake is cause for celebration. And God help him if he forgets the first time you washed your undies in the same machine.

But when it comes to this anniversary, it's really important to me. We don't exchange gifts or cards like we do for our wedding anniversary but there's an unspoken understanding that if not for this anniversary, there would be no others. No wedding, no house, no kids, no cat no nothing. Zilch. Plus, I put in 5 looooonnng years before our actual wedding day and to discount all that time would cause a cosmic rift in the continuum of time and space where we'd be thrown headlong into the untempered schism of... what? Heh. Too much Doctor Who this weekend.

So Happy 23rd Anniversary, lovey! You know I think you hung the moon. For what it's worth, this is the anniversary of us and our life together. That wedding thing was just a part of the journey that started on that fateful day.


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